Welcome to Dice Health

Dr. Cortney Dice & Dr. James Nall have been serving the Durham and Chapel Hill¬†communities since 2011. Our entire team at Dice Health, from the front desk to the doctors, are committed to helping you find natural ways to solve your health problems whether you’re suffering with low back pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, or even digestive upset. Chiropractic has grown over the last 100 years because of its unique ability to improve health without the use of drugs or surgery. If you’ve had an accident or your health has gradually been declining our chiropractors can help not only to get you out of pain but get you feeling great again.


If you answer “Yes” to any of the questions¬†below, Dice Health might be for you:

  • Are you having low back pain, headaches, neck pain, or other pains that are not going away?

  • Is pain preventing you from having a full night’s sleep?

  • Are you tired of taking medications that don’t address the cause of you pain?

  • Do you have roaming pain with no real explanation?

  • Do you want to find the root cause of your health problems?

Husband & Wife Durham, NC chiropractors Dr. Cortney Dice & Dr. James Nall

A 7 year study showed that patients whose primary physician was a chiropractor experienced:

Less In Pharmaceutical Costs
Less Hospital Admissions
Less Outpatient Surgeries
Less Days In The Hospital