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Dr. Cortney Dice & Dr. James Nall are Durham NC Chiropractors with advanced training in clinical nutrition, functional medicine, and wellness chiropractic techniques. Their mission is to help people discover that it is possible to achieve so much more health than they thought possible!

The Difference Between Wellness & Symptom Care

"Healthcare" is huge right now. People are struggling with more health conditions and looking for more answers. The flaws of traditional western medicine for non-emergency situations are becoming clear to more people and in return more people are looking for other solutions to their health problems. When you go to a traditional medical doctor their [...]

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Health is about MORE, not less

  There are two general concepts used to describe the state of being healthy. Unfortunately the one that's most common in our country is a lack of symptoms. If someone isn't in the hospital for a health condition or doesn't have a named disease their doctor may even tell them they're healthy because they currently [...]

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Health Foundations – Hydration

Legendary college basketball coach John Wooden made a point of making sure his players knew the best way to put on socks and tie their shoes. Was it glamorous? Not really. But it absolutely set the stage for how he ran his program and there's a lesson there we can all apply to our health. [...]

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The Perfect Summer Lunch

Summer's unofficially here and with a change in season comes a change in what types of food our body's crave. This simple lunch is hydrating, refreshing, filling, sweet, and energizing. You can do endless variations of this depending on what produce you have on hand so feel free to get creative. Start with a base [...]

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If Health Is Your Goal, You Must Avoid This “Health Food”

Last month we talked about how inflammation is the likely culprit behind your chronic pain and most chronic health conditions. You can read that here: Does Inflammation Cause Back Pain?. From our functional medicine and clinical nutrition work we've learned there are certain foods that are known to cause or promote inflammation. How did this [...]

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Does Inflammation Cause Back Pain?

Back pain remains somewhat of a mystery even after all this time. We know what seems to help it: chiropractic  adjustments, exercise, heat/ice, etc. but there's still no definitive cause in a lot of cases. If you suffered a trauma like a fall or sports injury to your low back then it's pretty clear what [...]

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