Legendary college basketball coach John Wooden made a point of making sure his players knew the best way to put on socks and tie their shoes. Was it glamorous? Not really. But it absolutely set the stage for how he ran his program and there’s a lesson there we can all apply to our health.

There will always be the next great test, supplement, or treatment for your health but ask yourself how much time and effort do you put in to the basic foundations of health? Hydration is one of those foundational components of health that gets lip service but most people are living life chronically dehydrated!

Take inventory and be honest here – how much and what type of water do you drink on average? Do you have a system set in place that makes drinking plenty of water routine?

This is something we all can start doing better with today. Make sure you’re drinking at least 60 ounces of water each day, many will do better with 80-120 ounces per day. Your body uses water for so many functions and things like heavy meals, coffee, and stress dehydrate us. The more of those that relate to you may equate to the more water you need. The water should be purified by reverse osmosis or filtered through something like a Berkey filtration unit.

Here’s a sample timeline for drinking 100 ounces per day:

  • First thing in the morning drink 30 ounces
  • Between breakfast and lunch drink another 30 ounces
  • Early afternoon drink 20 ounces
  • Later afternoon drink your last 20 ounces

Commit to this and see what happens. People may notice things like improved energy, better rest, stronger digestion, or better looking skin. Everyone has their own response.

Making sure you’re hydrated isn’t going to fix all health problems but it very well may it much easier. Set yourself up for success by giving your body what it needs everyday!