The Perfect Summer Lunch in Durham

The Perfect Summer Lunch in Durham

Healthy Recipes in Durham NC

Summer’s unofficially here in Durham and with a change in season comes a change in what types of food our body’s crave. This simple lunch is hydrating, refreshing, filling, sweet, and energizing. You can do endless variations of this depending on what produce you have on hand so feel free to get creative.

Summer Salads in Durham

Start with a base of cucumbers, tomatoes, and a lemon or lime. Usually 1-2 cucumbers and 1/3 pint of grape tomatoes works well. You’ll use the lemon or lime to fresh squeeze on top at the end. After you’ve sliced the cucumbers and tomatoes add as much other fruits and veg as you like.

We usually have radishes, celery, peppers, apples, dates, oranges, mango, berries, onion, kale, avocado, etc. that will get added to the mix. It doesn’t seem to matter what we add it always tastes good!

Healthy summer lunch idea from Dice Health in Durham NCSummer lunch idea in Durham NC


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