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Durham NC auto accident injury

Being involved in a car accident in Durham is a headache for a lot of different reasons. You have to worry about getting your car repaired, choosing a body shop, dealing with insurance companies, and getting a rental car if needed. Those are all material things that can be fixed and don’t have a lasting impact.

More importantly you have to take care of yourself. If you’re experiencing any new symptoms following your car accident the best thing you can do is get yourself to a chiropractor who is comfortable handling auto accident injuries. Even if the pain didn’t start right away or seems mild you owe it to yourself to get an exam from a trained eye. This is where Dice Health can help.

Durham NC Chiropractor for Car Accidents

There are a lot of forces involved in collisions that can affect you, even in low speed auto accidents. The strain on the muscles of the spine from the force of the impact can cause injuries resulting in inflammation and pain. The facet joints of the spine can become locked up resulting in loss of range of motion or pain. If the impact is forceful enough it can result in rupturing the disc that sits between the bones of your spine. If any of these injuries are ignored or do not get the proper treatment they can lead to more problems down the road.

Gentle chiropractic adjustments restore proper function to the muscles, joints, and discs of the spine allowing your body to heal naturally. The sooner you can be evaluated and begin treatment if needed the better. Our office staff will always work to get you in the same day you call us at (919) 381-6960.

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