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When you’ve been struggling with mystery health problems, you need someone who will help you find answers. At our Durham NC chiropractic clinic, we understand what it’s like to feel unheard when it comes to chronic health issues.

Get Your Energy Back, and Leave the Pain & Discomfort in the Past In Durham

Do you think you’re going to have to live with poor digestion, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, aches and pains, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or skin issues... forever?

These conditions and symptoms are NOT normal! If you’re tired of feeling hopeless and trying the latest fad treatment we understand. The protocols we use have been successfully used by people with symptoms just like yours for decades. In fact, we’ve used them ourselves for years.

You Aren’t Designed to be Sick

Your path back to health is simple:

  1. Schedule your free discovery visit
  2. Customize your treatment by choosing a treatment plan that works for you
  3. Take back your health. Get real long-lasting improvements in your health and become a model for your friends and family

We devise your own custom plan to address your unique health issues. You can be as aggressive or gentle as you want! Whether you want to be less reliant on drugs or surgeries or improve your already healthy lifestyle, you deserve to experience health. We believe in teaching you to fish, that way you leave empowered to get healthier every year.

Schedule your free discovery session to get started.

We want to hear your unique story and really understand your health goals.

If you’ve had any of these 7 things happen to you, there is still hope.

  1. Were told you’ll just have to live with it
  2. Had lots of fancy-sounding ‘alternative’ tests
  3. Tried multiple diets and cut out lots of foods
  4. Taken loads of supplements
  5. Worked with ‘experts’ for your condition
  6. Spent a ton of $$$
  7. Thought you had your condition under control, only for it to show up again

Most people who reach out to us have already done so much hard work to restore their health and they’re feeling exhausted from the effort they’ve put in. But they know they still haven’t struck gold for their healing. You may already eat healthier than anyone you know, take more supplements than you thought humanly possible, and feel like you should have earned a degree in health by now!

You’re not alone, in fact, we’ve been there ourselves. You need someone who’s found the path out for themselves to help guide you in your journey to reclaim your health.

Schedule your free discovery session to get started.

“What does a Cleanse have to do with fixing my condition?”

That’s a great question! When you hear the word cleanse, you might think about drinking lemon water with cayenne pepper and maple syrup or taking something that makes you poop.

Here’s The Reality: By cleansing the body of the junk that has built up over the years, you will see amazing changes in your health. The key is using the right protocols at the right time and only using protocols that people have used for decades all over the world.


We cannot wait to help you so don't hesitate to contact our team at Nall & Dice Health in Durham today!!

6 Day Celery Juice Challenge

Get ready to improve your well-being with 16 ounces of celery juice a day.


Want to learn the true root cause of your bloating?


Want to learn the true root cause of acid reflux, gerd, & heartburn?


Want to learn the true root cause of your painful periods?

Diabetes & Prediabetes

Want to learn the true root cause of diabetes?

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