Chiropractor in Durham Discusses The Difference Between Symptom and Wellness Care

Chiropractor in Durham discusses The Difference Between Wellness & Symptom Care

Wellness care at Dice Health in Durham NC

“Healthcare” is huge right now. People are struggling with more health conditions and looking for more answers. The flaws of traditional western medicine for non-emergency situations are becoming clear to more people and in return more people are looking for other solutions to their health problems. This is where your Durham chiropractor can help you achieve improved wellness.

When you go to a traditional medical doctor their main goal is to make you stop feeling the symptom that brought you in. You’re offered a pill that has side effects. That’s basically as far as it goes. The problem is that this approach never addresses what lead to your symptom or how you can avoid it in the future. When’s the last time you heard a pediatrician talk to a parent about cutting back the inflammatory foods that stress the immune system and adding garlic and onions which have antibacterial properties while they hand them the script for an antibiotic?

Health and Wellness in Durham

The opposite side is health or wellness. Speaking as a provider of wellness services I think of my approach as teaching you how to make yourself as healthy as possible – so healthy that we blow past your symptoms and reach new levels of well-being you forgot were possible!

A lot of people are stuck in a mix of the two sides. They are mostly concerned with making their symptoms go away and may be open to changing their lifestyle habits if it seems doable. So they seek out an alternative practitioner – it could be a chiropractor, naturopath, acupuncturist, or one of the many other professions who offer a natural approach.

Here’s where it gets tricky with most natural practitioners...

Most people go in with a complaint or symptom and this is what they get: take these natural supplements and try eating according to this plan for a while based on your symptoms. A lot of times people feel better – which isn’t too difficult based on how unhealthy many people are. This reduction in symptoms is usually an end point and a sign of victory that you’ve defeated this affliction. Unfortunately because they haven’t spent the time truly making impactful changes they’ve merely changed their course of direction on the road to poor health!

Amazing, life-changing, transformational, unbelievable positive changes in your health and in your life are possible but they happen over time and aren’t what most would consider easy. You have to be taught the tools your body needs to survive and thrive on its own and stop depending on any practitioner to rescue you. Learn how to fish, stop letting any practitioner feed you (even wild caught :)) fish.

Think about this...

If your goal is to take away something – pain, discomfort, fatigue what would replace it? Most people don’t have an answer. They think that not feeling something they don’t like is the best thing they can have. But by truly working toward wellness you begin to experience all that life has to offer. If it sounds to good to be true, have you ever worked toward this goal? The honest answer is that most have not because it seems scary but trust us people do it everyday and you have every ability and right to join them.

I guess what I’m trying to say is instead of focusing on LESS symptoms you don’t like you should be focusing on MORE – more enjoyment of life, a more vibrant life, more true health! It’s an amazing journey that we hope you decide to start today!!!

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